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IPS Oil ad Gas Services




Helping Our Customers Reach Their Goals

IPS field service teams and managers excel at project planning and efficiency by implementing a six-sigma driven process to schedule, manage and complete jobs in the field.

IPS Oil ad Gas Services




IPS field service teams and managers excel at project planning and efficiency by implementing a six-sigma driven process to schedule, manage and complete jobs in the field. With proven abilities to provide turnkey services, IPS has created a streamlined work-flow that incorporates upstream and midstream facilities and equipment services which include:

Automation and Control​

Electrical Services and Construction

Power Line Construction and Maintenance

Hydro Excavation

Furthermore, by providing an extensive list of services, IPS has the ability to complete jobs in a turnkey fashion which allows our customers to experience an array of benefits which include: 

Simplified Job Planning

Easier Cost Tracking on Projects

Major Cost Savings

Increased Job Efficiency 

Increased Production/Minimized Downtime

Quicker Job to Invoice Processing

Lastly, IPS is led by a management team with 100+ years of combined oil and gas service experience which helps drive quality and precision in everything the company does. Employees at IPS are experienced, well trained and certified on multiple levels which include:

Automation & Electrical Training Programs

Certified Journeyman Electricians

Certified Journeyman Line Crews

Certified Excavation Personnel

Certified Rigger Personnel

Aerial Lift Trained Personnel

All of IPS's training programs are on-going and provide a continuous learning environment for employees. This gives our customers peace of mind during major projects that have difficult scopes of work and tight timelines. 

Below you will find a more detailed breakdown of services we provide:

Automation and Control

IPS is a leader in the Automation industry. Our highly trained team of technicians can design, build, and implement any solution for your automation and control needs.​ To learn more about our Automation and Control services, please click on the link below.

Hydro Excavation

IPS uses hydro excavation services to safely excavate soil using a non-mechanical digging method that helps to minimize line strikes and damages to landowner properties. We use water under pressure to open the hole, coupled with flowing air to simultaneously vacuum away the material you want removed. Work areas for hydro excavation can include but are not limited to: 

• Spotting and exposing for high pressure pipeline, PVC line, fiberglass

   lines, around compressor stations, plants and facilities construction 

• Opening trenches

• Locating utilities

• Risk-free digging in hazardous or sensitive areas

• Pipeline tie-ins

• Drainage ditches

• Locations that are tough to get to

• Cleaning tanks and other containers

• Excavating holes for fencing or guardrails 

• Debris removal from tanks

• Electrical trenching

Hydro excavation is an efficient and safe way of doing business. It encourages a strike free environment and helps maintain a safe workplace. Please contact IPS for any of your hydro excavation needs.

Environmental Services

IPS offers site remediation, dirt work and reclamation services throughout the Permian Basin and Southeast New Mexico.  We are here to resolve your remediation problems and minimize your liability in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.  Our employees adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards along with ensuring great attention to detail.

Services offered include:

• Site Remediation

• Pit & Lagoon Closure

• Backfill & Reclamation to Pre-Existing Site Conditions

Powerline Services

IPS powerline services offers installation, maintenance and repair of powerlines and associated distribution systems in the Oil and Gas industry. IPS powerline crews work on construction projects and are available for emergency response.

Services offered include:

• New Construction

• System Rebuilds

• Pole Change Out

• Conversion

• Voltage Conversions

• Service Crews

• Live-line Maintenance

• Troubleshooting

• Transformer Replacement

• Stress Cones and wire Termination on Pad Mounts

• Underground Hi-Voltage Service and Installation

• Storm Restoration and other Emergency Response

Oilfield Electrical Services

At IPS we offer a full line of electrical construction and maintenance services for all types of field and plant equipment. Our services include but are not limited to: 

• Facility Electrical Construction, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

• Industrial & Commercial Building Electrical Construction

• Electrical Distribution Systems Construction, Maintenance, and Demolition

• High and Low Voltage Wiring Installation and Testing

• Conduit, Duct Bank, & Cable Tray Installation 

• Motor and controls installation and troubleshooting

• Grounding system installation and maintenance

• Control Panel Design, Construction, Installation, & Troubleshooting

• Electrical Equipment Installation & Troubleshooting

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

Call IPS today for any of your oilfield electrical needs​!


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