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Helping Our Customers Reach Their Goals

Automation and Control


IPS is a leader in the Automation industry. Our highly trained team of technicians can design, build, and implement any solution for your automation and control needs.


Automation in the Oil and Gas industry has come a long way over the years. Several industries including the oil and gas industry, are becoming more interested in the methods of automating some of their normal activities to decrease risk and improve production. For example, by implementing automation in some of the dangerous tasks, as well as those that have high costs and a greater risk of error, it becomes possible to make the business more efficient. Companies that can to truly embrace this idea of automation will find that it has the potential to improve their profits.


By implementing even small improvements through better technology, equipment, and automation, it becomes possible to see some significant advantages in production efficiency. Through digitization and automation for many of the common tasks in the field, it becomes possible to lower the overall costs of operation, and again it also reduces the risk of error.


IPS can automate and semi-automate certain processes, taking some of the pressure and risk off of the employee(s) that would normally complete the task. It also becomes possible to monitor the system remotely to help keep employees safer. The chance of error is slim, and the addition of predictive shutdown systems can make the entire operation safer.


With proper installation of certain automation platforms, IPS can help your company reach the following objectives:

• Improve Decision Making – Accurate real-time field well data to the right people.

• Improve Production and Maintenance Planning – Accurate real time field well data will help operations and maintenance to

   determine accurately which wells to shut-in, put on work-over scheduling, etc. 

• Production Optimization – Real-time field well data will be used to optimize production (adjust gas lift flows, water injection rates,

   ESP rates, etc.) 

• Improve Safety – Asset information from diagnostics will improve safety as troubleshooting tasks can be done remotely;

   operations and maintenance personnel know where to go and with what tools. 

• Improve Availability – Accurate real time field well data will tell operations the shut-in status of the wells and which wells that

   should be in production. Quicker actions can be made to reduce downtime. 


At IPS, we provide an array of services to accommodate the Oil & Gas, Commercial, and Agricultural industries. 

These services include but are not limited to: 

• Well/Facility Control

• PLC Programming/Commissioning, Custody Transfer

• Measurement

• SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

• Graphic Data Display 

• Communications Infrastructure 

• Alarm Monitoring & Notification Solutions

• Process Safety Control Systems

• Preventative Maintenance Programs 

• AutoCAD drawings and P&IDs   

• Pneumatic installation and repair. 

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